Even an inch can make a difference in oversize shipping.

An inch too high, and it may not fit under a bridge of a newly paved road. An inch too wide or too tall, and it may require additional permits. Inches and details matter in oversize and super load hauling services. Upon pick-up and at the delivery point, are cranes required? Do you need your shipment to be covered in tarps?

Specialized carriers have equipment, such as low profile step decks, that can maximize allowable loading space. Larger super loads and wide loads require detailed measurements to ensure safe transit and avoid costly penalties.

You have to understand the requirements of permits, state and county regulations, escort vehicles, limited travel times and more throughout the entire shipping route.

It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of time to ensure it’s done safely and right.

That’s why it makes sense to outsource oversize shipping to On Demand Transportation. We ask all of the right questions and handle all of the meticulous details for you.

What is Oversize Shipping?

Each state in the U.S. and province in Canada defines an oversize shipment as one that exceeds the maximum height, length, and width. These dimensions can vary by state and province. Typically, a wide load is considered oversize when it is over 8.5 feet. Additional requirements apply once the width exceeds 12 to 14 feet. Super loads, entail the most planning to ensure safe transit, which can include temporarily closing down roads based on each municipalities’ directives.

Similarly, more permits and special routing are required with over height, defined as anything over 12-feet-tall or over-length, which is more than 53 feet long. 

Specialized Oversize Shipping Services

  • Simplify the quoting process for complicated, oversize loads
  • Safe, reliable transport with experienced, heavy haul trucking companies
  • Access to specialized carriers that have unique trailers to maximize loading space
  • Deep knowledge of heavy haul trucking requirements
  • Clear communication to accurately plan around the shipment’s exact dimensions and weight

Types of Trailers for Oversize Loads.

multi axle super load heavy haul trailer
Multi Axle Heavy Haul Trailer
double drop lowboy trailer
Double Drop Trailer
Expandable step deck trailer
Step Deck Expandable Trailer
Strechable drop deck trailer
Stretch Drop Deck Trailer
detachable removable goose neck trailer
Removable Goose Neck (RGN) Trailer
drop deck expanadable lowboy trailer
Drop Deck Expandable Lowboy Trailer
9/10 axle low boy super load trailer
Multi Axle Lowboy Trailer
12/13 axle lowboy trailer
Multi Axle Lowboy Trailer

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"When arranging a shipment with On Demand, the staff focuses on specifics such as tarp requirements, required pick up / delivery times, proper permitting for over-dimensional shipments, and special shipping instructions....We shipped over 200,000 lbs. of specialized equipment across the country non-stop without a hitch!"
Materials Manager

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